it was all clout! video vixen kapoor reveals that she has never been pregnant

Kapoor [photo courtesy]>

Kapoor [photo courtesy]

by Beatrice Ambasa June 12, 2021

Video vixen Purita Kapur alias Kapoor has revealed that she has never been pregnant, not for singer B- classic, not anyone.

During a Q and A a fan asked, 'were you really pregnant', a question that forced the vixen to come clean and admit that she wasn't after all.

'Sorry lol, I have never been pregnant, i've got tons of work to do cant be able to get a child coz I'm busy making money', she replied.

The pregnancy drama started hitting blogs and other media outlets after the Video Vixen took to the streets, alleging that the artist had impregnated her.

Her actions were followed by a statement from Champion Studios that Manage's B- Classic stating that they will institute legal proceedings against Purita Kapur over what they termed as a gross violation of the Defamation Act of Kenya, Cap 36 Laws of Kenya.

It is not clear why Kapoor fabricated the story, but clout chasing has become a trend and the easiest way to become famous.

A section of KOT believes that the management was behind the pregnancy drama, just to get B-classic's name on every blog which in return, have an impact on his music, while others have argued that Kapoor just like any other socialites, wanted to use B-classic as her ticket to being famous.