Zambian President Mourns A Fish Named 'Mafishi'


by Muthoni Kimani September 10, 2020

Zambian President Edgar Lungu is mourning the death of a fish that lived in a pond at Copperbelt University, the country's second-largest public university.

The fish was known as Mafishi (big fish in the local language), Mafishi remained in place for two decades, and was 22 years old. One theory said that he gave students luck in the institution's tests.

His death, which yielded a series of tributes with candles and marches on campus, is still being studied.

Student leader Lawrence Kasonde says that the fish should be embalmed in the coming days. To honor Mafishi, Lungu posted on the social network a sentence by Mahatma Gandhi that says:

"The greatness of a nation can be judged by the way its animals are treated."

The president of the Copperbelt University Students Union said Mafishi's death is being investigated.

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