you are looking at tanzania's tourism ambassador - zari hassan signs new deal

Zari Hassan [Photo courtesy]]>

Zari Hassan [Photo courtesy]]

by Beatrice Ambasa June 7, 2021

South Africa based Ugandan Businesswoman Zari Hassan is over  the moon after being  appointed The Tanzania Tourism Ambassador/Diplomat of Choice.

The mother of 4 took to Instagram Friday evening, announcing her appointment for the role, excited that she was honored for being granted the opportunity.

On June 2nd, the social media influencer had jetted to Tanzania saying that he will be visiting a number of schools in Tanzania, giving free sanitary pads to school going girls as the Softcare brand Ambassador.

Earlier that day, Zari had been spotted at the Tanzania parliament buildings and had been received by the country’s Minister of Tourism, Dkt. Damas Ndumbaro.

Ms Hassan was received at the airport by the Wasafi team led by Diamond’s Mother Mama Dangote and Uncle Shamte.

Minutes later they were all spotted at Platnumz’s Mansion in Mbezi Beach, unwinding ahead of the scheduled event.