women have to work 10 times harder to prosper in the industry

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by Helvine Achieng February 16, 2021

Dj and producer Dj Kaneda is not impressed by how women are treated in the Entertainment Industry. Speaking to the word, the producer said, "Women always have to work ten times harder and have to have a look rather than the knowledge in music. They have to bow down to the male gatekeepers just to have a chance on the decks."

"It's sad that some women have to give themselves up just to get five minutes of fame in the industry."

Kaneda holds a masters degree from Berkeley college of music and a degree in audio and music technology.

"I was the only female in my undergrad for a reason; the music industry is so brutal when it comes to women in music. I'm looking at the sound engineers, music producers and female DJs, the representation in the industry is 93 to seven."

This comes after recently actress Brenda Wairimu talked about the sexual harassment in the Film industry. There have been countless reports of sexual harassment filed against various actors.

The talented actress said; "It's a very present evil, and sometimes we are forced to put our heads down and take it just so we can continue to put food on the table."

Film is her bread and butter, and for such a high profile Kenyan actress to admit that she goes through harassment with no option, it's hard to imagine what the people in lesser roles have had to endure all in the name of a career.