why wife material was an epic fail - eric omondi blames eddie butita

Eric Omondi and Butita [photo courtesy]>

Eric Omondi and Butita [photo courtesy]

by Beatrice Ambasa May 28, 2021

King of comedy Eric Omondi has for the first time, addressed why the Wife material show was an epic fail.

Speaking during an exclusive  interview with SPM Buzz, Eric revealed that  Comedian Butita was the major reason why the show was not a success.

According to Eric, Butita might have been paid to sabotage his show.

‘This is the person who failed me… Tangu Butita atoke Wife material, things have never been the same. Tulienda Nanyuki, tukaenda Mombasa alafu Butita siku moja akatoka… You ask yourself, kwa nini tangu Butita atoke kwa hii show, show imeharibika… Sijui kama alilipwa. Ni kama Futa… But we’ll be back…’

Eric Omondi also denied rumours that he owes Butita any money.

Butita who was a part of his creative team in Wife Material program had earlier on distanced himself from the show, stating that he does not want to be linked with the production.

Replying to Eric Omondi’s interview, Butita stated;


The failure of WIFE MATERIAL has NOTHING to do with me I have evidence and I will give my side of the story @ericomondi should be honest’

Eric Omondi has however promised his fans to be ready for Wife Material Season 3; which he’ll incorporate in more countries.