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by Beatrice Ambasa May 3, 2021

Former EMB Signee and singer Bahati's manager Weezdom has made it public that he is exiting the record label and quitting as Bahati's manager.

Taking to social media, Weezdom announced his exit saying that he is thankful to have worked with one of the most respected artists in Kenya.

Weezdom went on to say that he is hopeful that Bahati's new team would deliver and help him( Bahati) achieve his dreams.

"Niaje Watu Wangu? Huyu Msee Mnaniona Hapo Na Yeye Ni Beshte Yangu Sana Anaitwa BAHATI na Tumetoka Mbali Sana Na Yeye, Tumekosana Na Yeye Before Na Tukaskizana.Nafurahia Vitu Anafanya, Pamoja TumeFanya Vitu Deadly, Tumechange World, Nimemsaidia Kudeliver His Songs to the People As His Manager And I Thank God Alinipea Job Ya One of the Most Respected Artist in The Country And I've Delivered Ata God Anajua I've done My Part.." read part of his post.

It seems like Weezdom will be focussing more on personal projects, and that explains his sudden departure.

The former artist might have decided to focus on his new job at Royal media Services as a co-host alongside Mzazi M Tuva.

"But It Comes A Time in a Man's Life Lazima A'branch Into Other Things So My Brother Bahati I Know You Have Other Projects Coming Na I Hope God Bado Ataendelea Ku'Administer Vitu Great From Wewe To The People It's Only That Now Hii Ni Ile Junction Lazima Niende Njia Yangu Na Wewe Uende Njia Yako And Also I Hope Your New Team Watadeliver Na Wakufikishe Kwa Zile Dreams Zote Tulikuwa Nazo..Congratulations On Your New Upcoming Album And I Wish you Nothing but the Best🙏Wasee! So Hio Inamaanisha Sina Job Saa Hii So Mkiskia Mahali Kuna Job, Nishtueni Mazee..Ni Boy Wenu WEEZDOM. Have A Beautiful Day," read his statement.

Weezdom was appointed as Bahati's Music and content manager in June 2020.

In April 2020, Weezdom ditched the gospel music industry over what he termed as too much hatred in the gospel world.

Bahati has since responded to Weezdom's exit saying," Forever Brothers. All the Best, and May You Prosper in your Future Endeavours 🙏🙏🙏."