vanessa mdee battle with alcoholism

Vanessa Mdee>

Vanessa Mdee

by Muthoni Kimani June 19, 2020

Tanzanian songbird Vanessa Mdee in her podcast titled ‘One on One with Vanessa Mdee,’ talks about family, love, music, and battling alcoholism and the difficulties of being in the limelight.

The Niroge singer said that she drank herself to sleep for the better part of 2019 and asked people around her to cover up for her.

Mdee explained;

“I drank myself to sleep every night. I am not proud of it, but it is my truth, and I know there are people who need to hear this. I was lying to people around me to cover up and to keep the facade alive,”

Vanessa added;

“I became a person of horrible choices. I couldn’t recognize myself anymore because I woke up every day trying to just get by, and I don’t want to just get by anymore. More than ever, I had moments of anxiety and moments of depression. I had moments of I don’t know what to do next because this pressure is unnatural for a human being. And what comes after that? This may come as a shock to many because I hid it so well, but I was depressed and an alcoholic,”

Vanessa made it clear that her fans should not expect her to do music or any related events as she has no desire for it anymore; “I have no desire to do anything that is music industry-related, I have no desire to go to another award show, to keep up a facade, I have no desire to be a pseudo person which I truly became, and I could not recognize myself anymore,”

Vanessa has been on a break and enjoying her day to day life with her Nigerian–American Hollywood actor Olu Rotimi Akinosho known to many as Rotimi.