top kenyan dj cries for help after being forcefully evicted from his house

Deejay Prince>

Deejay Prince

by Muthoni Kimani November 5, 2020

The entertainment industry is one of the sectors that was hit hard by the global Coronavirus pandemic. Leaving a famous Kenyan DJ in tears after spending one week away from his house only to return and find the place completely swept clean by the landlord over rent arrears.

Deejay Prince, sounded heart-broken, while he shared a video showing his three-bedroom house, which is now empty. The place looked all messy with nothing valuable left behind.

He said;

“This is the situation. So what happened, I’ve been away for a while, I went to visit my small bro. I went there last week on Wednesday, only to come back and find that my things have been packed and stored away,”

We went on and expressed his frustrations;

“So they come in when I am not around and took my property. Someone make me understand if this is within the Law, please tell me,”

Being that there are people who owe him money, he is humbly pleading with them to send whatever amount of money now that surviving through the pandemic is not as easy;

“These are COVID-19 effects. Manze kama Uko na deni yangu, nisort. I have like 5 creative works that I have done for several companies, that I haven’t been paid even a bob for,”

The talented creative confessed that he had not paid up for rent for several months because he had not been working for very many months since COVID-19 struck. However, he did not believe that the surmounting rent arrears were reason enough to kick him out in this manner;

“This is what happens when you don’t pay creatives in time. Anyone willing to help out, please reach out and tell me whether this is within the Law,” he pledged.

Many felt sorry for him, and are offering him legal advice, while others offered to help financially.