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Stephen Kasolo>

Stephen Kasolo

by Muthoni Kimani May 19, 2020

Stephen Kasolo on the 18th of May 2020 received his Silver Button Award for hitting 100,000 Youtube subscribers. When talking to the KITOLE hit maker he said “I’m truly humbled and Thank God and my fans for being a part of this journey.”

He wrote on his instagram page;

I want to take this opportunity to Thank Almighty God and all my fans for their support upto this far!! Today I have received our silver button Award for 100,000 YouTube Subscribers!! This is our Victory as Family .

After the Corona pandemic I'll let you know where we will do our celebrations 💞. May you never lack in Jesus' mighty name!! Next is the Gold button award of 1Million subscribers !!THERE WE GO. ,

Kasolo has taken The Groove Awards 5 times. While talking to us Kasolo said Music has been his obsession since teen years. His fantasies were consistent with turning into a major star in the music business. He is one of the biggest stars in Eastern Kenya recording in Kamba language.

In one of his hits ‘Kyaa kya Ngai’,he featured the Renowned Tv presenter Lilian Muli,this was after they met at the same venue where Lilian was having a Photo shoot and Kasolo was preparing for his music video.He also released a hit featuring Rose Muhando.

When he was young it was very tough and painful after he lost both parents and his sister. His brother also developed some mental problems and Stephen Kasolo was thereby left alone to struggle with his life.

His grandmother ‘Mukwenze’ took good care of them and helped them through the tough times.In our previous interview Kasolo told us he loves Mukwenze very very much and she is his best friend.

After completing his Diploma in Journalism at the MultiMedia University he is now pursuing a Degree in Applied Communications.Kasolo is also a proud father of 1 beautiful daughter.

Our Interview with Kasolo ended with him saying and I quote “When you carry Victory you Win,Grace will make you the Best.”