the cost of rehab is still a deterrence to the fight against drug abuse; doreen majala

Lawyer And TV Anchor Doreen Majala>

Lawyer And TV Anchor Doreen Majala

by Muthoni Kimani January 21, 2021

Lawyer and TV news anchor Doreen Majala said that the cost of taking people to rehabilitation centres is one of the significant factors discouraging the fight against drug and substance abuse among the youth.

In a tweet, Ms Majala pointed out that there is a need to address the high cost of rehabilitation services for the fight against the drugs and psychotropic substance abuse.

She said; "As we continue the fight against drugs & psychotropic substance abuse, there is need for emphasis on the High Cost of Rehabilitation services. All factors considered: Type of centers, Treatment offered, Amenities & Duration. Rehab cost is STILL a deterrence on low-income Kenyans."

She added that all factors considered, things such as types of centres and duration are still proving costly on low-income earners in the country. "All factors considered: type of centers, the treatment offered, amenities and duration. Rehab cost is still deterrence on low-income Kenyans,"

The lawyer who runs the Doreen Majala Foundation (DMF) has been at the forefront of calling for social change for society's good.

Just a few months ago, Ms Majala weighed in on increased teenage pregnancies in the country stating that the young girls in question lacked mentorship, despite the blame being shifted to sociocultural, economic and environmental issues.

"My two cents on increased cases of teen pregnancies: In as much as we point out Sociocultural, Economic and Environmental factors, our girls lack mentorship. We need community sensitization, comprehensive sexuality education and more enrollment of girls in schools. Young girls go through a turbulence of curiosity, low self-esteem, substance abuse, inability to resist sexual temptation, and worse cell phone usage,"

The former news anchor founded 'The Doreen Majala Foundation' while she was a news presenter at NTV. The foundation focuses on education; she added that it creates equal learning opportunities for every child by providing basic learning materials to children in underprivileged schools.