tahidi high actor omosh narrates how he became a lousy drunk!

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Tahidi High Actor Omosh

by Muthoni Kimani January 25, 2021

Veteran Tahidi High actor Joseph Kinuthia aka Omosh has opened up about his private life, narrating his struggle with alcohol addiction and ‘meagre’ pay.

Speaking during an interview with Massawe Japanni on Radio Jambo, Omosh said that he earns peanuts from his acting career. The popular actor said he was paid Ksh 18,000 per episode for his role on Tahidi High.

He explained that the TV show had four episodes per month, meaning that he used to rake in Ksh 72,000 monthly. Omosh said that currently he is not paid at all since the TV show ended. Citizen TV only airs a rerun of Tahidi High.

“Unaweza dhani ni pesa mingi tunapatiwa, lakini my friend ukajua ni ngapi tunapewa unawezashangaa. Tunalipwa per episode. Tunapewa 18 thousand per episode. Kwa mwezi inakuanga na episode nne,” said Omosh. The father of five also narrated his long struggle with alcohol addiction, admitting that a close friend introduced him to the ‘demonic’ thing.

Omosh said that he developed a strong liking for the drink because he was going through a stressful episode in his life during that time.

However, he said he managed to overcome the alcohol addiction after his family members enrolled him in a rehabilitation facility for three months.