tanzanian action-packed movie nyara premiers in kenya



by Helvine Achineg March 9, 2021

Tanzanian action-packed movie "Nyara" (Swahili for The Kidnapping) premièred in Kenyan cinemas, 26th February 2021.

"Nyara" is the first feature film from the Tanzanian renowned production conglomerate Wanene Entertainment, East Africa's first 360-degree content creation company. Tanzania's first locally produced action film is mixed in 5.1 (surround sound specifically mixed for cinema release). Nyara's original soundtrack and cameo appearances include bongo stars: DJ Sinyorita, Chid Benz, Weusi and Chin Bees.

The film's storyline follows the kidnapping of a 7-year-old girl called Rehema, a wealthy and successful businessman, Adam. An ex-military serial killer escapes prison without a trace and becomes the leader of a gang of notorious kidnappers in Dar es Salaam.

Short on time, Adam approaches his sister-in-law Faith for help; she is the Head of Police Special Forces undercover unit. She recruits her well trusted, strong team of martial arts fighters, The Dragon Boys.

The movie's director Ram Kasongo says, "Nyara marks the beginning of a new era of possibilities for Bongo movies here in Tanzania. We are excited for Kenyans to experience our first commercial action film that is 100% a Tanzanian production, shot on Dar es Salaam's location. The actors themselves did all the stunts, and no stunt doubles were involved in the filmmaking, and all the costume design, sets and VFX were done by a local team here in Tanzania."

It took three years to complete the filming of "Nyara". The director hopes that the cinema screenings in Kenya will encourage cross-collaborations between Kenya and Tanzania and open doors for East African filmmakers to cross-over into international platforms and cinemas to build both film and music industries further.

Ram says, "The fact that "Nyara" is premiering nationwide in Kenya, opens doors to the wider global audience and this will additionally help promote Tanzanian talent in the arts," concluding, "Hopefully this will have a knock-on effect that can see us further develop local talent and produce better and more authentic content that represents the diaspora at large."