streaming platform showmax invests in african content for growth.



by Helvine Achieng April 29, 2021

MultiChoice's online streaming platform Showmax is investing in producing its own local content for African audiences. The streaming service Showmax, launched in 2015, is available in 46 African countries and in several Western countries, including Britain and France, which have sizable African diaspora populations.

The company is recently focusing on developing movies and shows set in its biggest markets of Nigeria, Kenya and South Africa, senior executive Yolisa Phahle said in an interview.

"For us, it really is about getting the local entertainment which we know African audiences enjoy, programming in their languages, stories reflecting their realities, their hopes and their dreams," said Phahle.

MultiChoice earlier stated that it would charge Showmax mobile subscribers across Africa on average 20% less for access on a single mobile device, in recognition that some users may not afford such luxuries during the pandemic-induced economic slowdown affecting most countries.