South Africans Are Thirsty Indeed !

South Africans shopping

by Muthoni Kimani June 3, 2020

On Monday alcohol-thirsty South Africans rushed to liquor stores to purchase the precious commodity after the country ended a two-month drinking ban.

It was also reported that thieves in Johannesburg tunneled through a wall at a local store and stole alcohol worth Sh2 million.

The incredible theft happened days before the ban was lifted, this was after the manager entered the closed premises to start preparing for the liquor store to re-open on 1st June, as Level 3 regulations.

Long queues were formed outside shops selling alcohol in South Africa after restrictions on its sale.

While queuing, there were many triumphs from the buyers, with many posting videos singing and dancing during what became a social engagement.

The numbers are expected to rise again once lockdown restrictions are eased and alcohol sales permitted, it is also said this will happen under tight restrictions and only home consumption will be allowed for now.

As of Monday 1st June, a good number of people went back to work as most sectors of the economy have resumed operations.

The opening of schools has, however, been delayed for another week as the authorities work on making the premises safe for teachers and students.

Despite the easing of restrictions, infection rates for coronavirus continue to rise. Cape Town is currently experiencing a sharp spike and other major cities are expected to follow suit.

South Africa is also grappling with a serious shortage of testing equipment.