scar calls out nyashinski for being a singer, and not a rapper!

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Scar Calls Out Nyashinski

by Muthoni Kimani February 22, 2021

One member of the Wakadinali has come out to accuse Nyashinski of not even being on the list of the best rappers in Kenya.

Well, many say Scar is one of the best rappers Kenya has ever seen today, and he’s most definitely destined for greatness in this super-competitive music career as a rapper. His ability to adapt to different music genres and styles when he’s needed to is one of the few traits that not most rappers can boast of.

Some fans have even compared him to Khaligraph Jones, calling him OG 2.o, but he’s never claimed it, so there’s that, another trait of his, humility and contentment.

There’s something about Wakadinali that makes them stand out from the rest of rappers and rap groups; they’ve identified their niche in the rap game and made them their own. Their music is not always mainstream material, and they know that, matter of fact, they embrace it and run with it as it were.

As much as Wakadinali is an underground rap group, they have clawed their way up to the top in the mainstream music realm. They could surpass their plateau to become the number 1 hip-hop group in Africa because each other member of Wakadinali is seriously putting in work.

Recently the Rapper was hosted in a show where he opened up about a lot of stuff nobody knew about him. He opened up about his penmanship, inspiration, the love that Wakadinali’s clique Rong Rende has in the Eastlands area, and moving to Kisumu.

He opened up about where he stands in regard to Nyashinski not being a rapper but a singer. He also called out Nyashinski in his ‘Kovu’ hit song that is actually the most remixed song in the entire East and Central African region, some might even say in the entire continent.

Scar went ahead to give his two cents on why he believes Nyashinski isn’t a rapper, he even compared him to a woman amongst the great male rappers in the country.

“Nyash venye anapush muziki yake msee, hatuwezi mueka in the same category na Scar, ati useme Scar, useme Johnny Vigeti, useme Abbas, useme, unajua? tena useme Nyash, no! hapo ni kama umeleta msichana tena. unapata chenye nakushow, ni kama umefanya vitu zikakuwa hivi na vitu zilikuwa ngumu.

He went on to explain why he believes Nyashinski is not a rapper, Scar says Nyashinski hasn’t concentrated on hip hop at all. “What I’m saying is, Nyash ni mnoma lakini most of his songs haja-concentrate sana na hip hop na kurap venye sisi tunarap manze unajua sisi tanafanya kitu yenye it’s obvious haimekii msee yoyote doh, unanipata, it’s so obvious si tunafanya hardcore music na tunaipatia numbers.

He added; Hebu niambie msee yoyote Kenya anafanya hardcore music na anaget numbers, hakuna! tafuta hii Kenya, no one.

Over the past few years, Scar has gradually become one of the best sought-after rappers in Kenya, predominantly putting out songs every other day, pushing the Kenyan hip hop scene to the next level.