sauti sols's bien explains how corona virus has affected them !

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Bien of Sauti Sol

by Muthoni Kimani August 4, 2020

The Covid-19 Pandemic has affected everyone some more than others. Lead vocalist of The afro-pop band Bien Baraza says he has been forced to survive on royalties.

He made this clear in an interview with Citizen TV’s Willy M Tuva, Bien said the pandemic had affected him financially;

“At the moment I am surviving on royalties because I have written many songs for many people,early last year, I was in Germany to work on more songs over there, and that is what has been sustaining me. Royalties given to Sauti Sol are also going a long way.My savings, too, have gone a long way because as an artist, you have to save. Hopefully, our savings will push us as far as it can until this nightmare is over.”

Bien went ahead and explained how things are tight as he had other projects in the pipeline, bills, salaries, and rent to pay for his work offices.

“We have videos from Bensoul and Nviiri that must be done so they do not stay from the limelight too long and lose relevance,” he said. “We also have other things, including our singles and more that have been affected.”

As we wait for the Sauti sol Documentary to the premier, Bien asked the government to consider tax relief for musicians this year due to the massive losses they face as they can’t do live performances or even tours.