sarkodie takes quick advantage to facebook’s new add on to make money online

Ghanaian Rapper Sarkodie>

Ghanaian Rapper Sarkodie

by Moses Onyango January 14, 2021

Just as the coronavirus pandemic continues to deteriorate the various avenues that aids entertainers make their money.

Ghanaian based rapper Sarkodie has found a new easy way to earn himself some few dollars during these trying times for artists.

The two-time BET Award-winner, who has one of the largest fanbases in Ghana, is already using the new Facebook add-on which allows content creators and businesses to make money while streaming live videos on the platform. Sarkodie activated the add-on on Friday, January 8, 2020, while streaming his studio session with US rapper of Ghanaian descent Vic Mensa.

It is no secret anymore that entertainers have lost so much in finances due to the pandemic. They no longer host live shows in different venues due to the covid 19 restrictions set up by governments worldwide.

While streaming the pre-recorded studio session video with Facebook's video premiering feature, he asked fans to send him "Stars" inn the comment section. The feature allows people to send money using their credit cards, Visa, and other online payment methods. TikTok also uses this feature.

He wrote: "During this broadcast, you can support my Page by sending Stars, a digital gift that helps me earn money."

In May 2020, the Mark Zuckerberg-led company announced that it will provide a new way for artists to earn money on the platform amid the overwhelming impact of the coronavirus pandemic on the globe's creative arts sectors.

"You'll be able to mark Facebook Events as online only and, in the coming weeks, integrate Facebook Live so you can broadcast to your guests," it said in a press statement. "To support creators and small businesses, we plan to add the ability for Pages to charge for access to events with Live videos on Facebook, Anything from online performances to classes to professional conferences."

This feature allows Sarkodie and other Ghanaian artistes with massive Facebook followers to earn thousands of dollars every week if they subscribe to the new tool.

So far, Sarkodie is the first Ghanaian musician to use the tool to make money from his fans.