sailors: where will the party be ?

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by PPP TV May 5, 2020

Everybody is eager for the coronavirus to come to an end.

Meanwhile,#staysafe, stay at home, and quarantine is the daily anthem.

After these hard times, it is going to be a win-lose mentality.

So this is the best time to keep pushing and keep your productivity levels up.

It might be hard, but hard work only makes things better.

It is more challenging when your grind requires a team effort.

A fan asked sailors254 how they manage to stay as a team.

They responded,’ it is easy, we are a team because we respect, trust, and care for each other.

And we are fearless in the pursuit of that which lights our soul on fire.’ Sailors254 confessed that they miss having shows with their fans, where should the party be held after corona? They asked. They urged their fans to stay home and be safe.