safaricom is offering free data



by PPP TV March 25, 2021

Safaricom has just celebrated its 20th anniversary in early 2020, this year; despite the celebration, covid 19 has been relentless with its impact on the economy and also the spending power of Kenyans; Safaricom users have since received the best news yet, no more holding back, you can now stay connected on Safaricom network "BrowseBilaWaas."

Many contents creators have taken advantage of this offer. Did you know ‘trending news’ ni ya kushare as it happens?

Don’t be that guy who is always late on what’s happening, buy a bundle and browse bila waas. Simply dial *544*0# to activate your offer.The 500MBS offer is valid until midnight.

#BrowseBilaWaas #500mbFree.

Music lovers have not been left behind when a class six pupil from Maji Mazuri in Mathare made a Bluetooth speaker from a box and power bank battery and a blue band and Valon Tin.

The reason, they have no money to buy a new one.