singer ringtone apoko fires back at bridget achieng after sexual assault allegations

Bridget Achieng and Ringtone Apoko>

Bridget Achieng and Ringtone Apoko

by BEATRICE AMBASA March 31, 2021

Gospel singer Ringtone Apoko has clapped back at socialite- cum businesswoman Bridget Achieng with a raging response.

Taking to his Social platform, Ringtone posted a video of himself, responding with unprinted insults to Bridget’s claims that he assaulted her.

On Monday, Ms Achieng alleged that Ringtone sexually harassed her a few years ago, but she didn’t dare talk about the ordeal until yesterday.

Achieng narrates that at that particular time, Apoko invited her to his house in Westlands and took advantage of her, saying nothing could be done to him.

Bridget’s revelation comes when sexual and gender-based violence cases have been on the rise in Kenya.

The self-proclaimed Chairman of the gospel industry claimed that many want to become relevant tainting his name; he also added that many people cancelled him in the music industry on different grounds, but he has remained relevant by the mercies of the God he serves.

“…Kijana wa Yesu nimsafi, Kijana wa Yesu ako na class ya wale watu ambao wanaweza muingelesha kitu. Kijana wa Yesu niko na standard, sometimes msinilinganishe na vitu sijui zinakaa aje. Mimi ni Kijan wa Yesu, ingekuwa ni kwa sababu yenu nyinyi amabo mnaniongea ningekuwa nilikufa nikasahaulika. Lakini Mungu amewazidi akili…hamnigusi niko na Baba” said Ringtone in part.