rest in peace veteran comedian mzee makanyaga!

Mzee Makanyaga>

Mzee Makanyaga

by Muthoni Kimani October 29, 2020

Many knew him as Mzee Makanyaga, but his real name is Mohammed Tajiri, he passed away at his Majengo, Pumwani home on Tuesday. Makanyaga is to be buried Wednesday afternoon at the Kariakor Muslim Cemetery in Nairobi in line with Muslim traditions. Ken Waudo, the chairman of Comedians In Kenya Society, broke the news.

“As ComediansKE Society, we would like to wish Mzee Makanyanga’s soul to rest in eternal peace. We celebrate him and his moments with us during his lifetime.”

According to his family, Tajiri was born in Pangani in 1935, died at his home in Majengo area in Nairobi County. He died at the age of 85.

Those who interacted with Makanyaga during his long acting career described him as a gifted entertainer who would easily fit into different roles.

Gibson Mbugua, known for his role as a prosecutor in the Vioja Mahakamani, said Kenyans would remember the late Makanyaga for his starring roles in various television programs.

Gibson and Makanyaga were among a group of prominent actors who formed the Darubini dancing group which specialised in traditional songs and won global acclaim for their shows. Mzee Makanyaga featured in various television programmes at KBC, formerly VOK, such as Vitimbi, Zuberi, Chipukizi, Darubini, and Vioja Mahakamani.

From The PPP TV Family, May Mzee Makanyaga Rest in peace.