rapper khaligraph flaunts half a million to gift upcoming musicians.



by Helvine Achieng July 19, 2021

KFCB boss Dr Ezekiel Mutua has recently triggered Kenyan celebrities like the likes of  Papa Jones and Eric Omondi not to flaunt their wealth. The KFCB boss shared his views on whenever artists showcase how wealthy they are mostly they are broke because they distribute dirty content; hence they are shunned by corporate and the government for failure to comply.

"We know their records. They are broke. Show me a record of Eric being paid good money for his work. They are all 'sarakasi'." stated Dr Ezekiel Mutua.

Seemingly many Kenyan artiste were not impressed by Ezekiel's remarks and rapper Khaligraph Jones scoffed at the KFCB's boss, elaborating he has never gotten a hand out from the government or any institution and is comfortably earning from his craft. After being disgusted by the comments, the rapper has decided to uplift Kenyan creatives through an initiative to reward talents a total of Sh500,000/- prize money in a competition he has announced will launch next week. 

 "We don't respect that kind of talk"

"As From Monday I'm gonna Be Giving 3 artists a chance To get a Record Deal under my Label Blu Ink Corp, will Also give yall A chance to win some Money, Am putting 500k on the Table (no corporate sponsorship, Self Made Nigga) for an online competition that is going to run For 2 weeks. More details on Monday. hopefully by the end of this madharau Itapungua."

"We are tired of these guys. They always clown Kenyan artists. Every time something is said about Kenyan artists it's not to give credit but to demean and degrade them. That's why I am doing this." stated Khaligraph

The rapper went ahead to state that he will hand out the cash in different chunks of 10,000/ every day and a record deal under his company Blu Ink Corp whereby he will fund music and video material himself and issue a collaboration on the winner's song.