rapper dababy questioned by police after two people shot in miami



by Helvine Achieng June 7, 2021

American rapperJonathan Lyndale Kirk, professionally known  as DaBaby, has recently been questioned by police in relation to a shooting in Miami, The rapper was interviewed by law enforcement as part of their investigation into the incident, which led to two people being shot - one in the leg and the other in the shoulder.It is understood that the shooting took place in Miami Beach near a cluster of popular eateries at around 11:30 pm on Monday.

A spokesman for Miami Beach Police Department Ernesto Rodriguez told Local 10 News  that "several possible suspects" were detained, including the rapper.

"DaBaby and his crew had an issue with people right next to them in the car. DaBaby and his crew were travelling in around six SUVs, and either a car pulled up on them and started something or their doors hit each other and they got in a fight," they told.

"Rumour has it that DaBaby and 10 to 12 members of his entourage have been detained by police."

US radio host Andy Slater claims that police sources told him that the musician fired and told police it was in "self-defence."

"DaBaby fired off at least one round outside Prime 112 in Miami Beach, '' the radio star shared on the airwaves, "the rapper told cops he did it in self-defence."

"A senior law enforcement officer tells me that rapper Wisdom is also being questioned in connection with the shooting."

TMZ reports that one of the people shot is still in hospital receiving treatment after sustaining critical injuries and the other victim has been discharged after having medical care.

The outlet added that no official arrests have yet been made.