raj is proud to have made a million cash through music!

Raj CEO And Founder Of The Music Powerhouse >

Raj CEO And Founder Of The Music Powerhouse

by Muthoni Kimani February 11, 2021

Raj is a very proud artiste in the country after making a million cash doing what he loves most and that’s making music, both writing, rapping, and being a producer.

Raj is also the CEO and founder of the music powerhouse Music Bank that he built from the ground up. He built a music empire from the ground up and he is celebrating achieving a milestone in his music career.

Raj real name Okemwa Rajiv has a rather unique yet diverse music catalog after different musicians have worked with him in his record label. I.e Stella Mwangi, Khaligraph Jones, Dope-I-Mean, Fena Gitu, Wangechi, Kristoff, Noti Flow, and many others. Raj is actually a star-maker after bringing Aluvee and Dom Mwangemi under his wing and working with them on numerous projects together.

A proud Raj said; “I actually made a million cash from my talent…17 year old me wouldn’t believe it…i’m tryna pose for a picture with the cash I swear”

Just to reiterate how hard-working, consistent, and resilient Raj really is and why the rap game needs him more than anything and/or anyone else, the rapper through #baetuesday released a song every other Tuesday without failure in almost a year. In the first release of #baetuesday that was back in 2016, Raj released 20 songs and released 47 songs in 2020 in #baetuesday season 2.

Raj, who turned down a lucrative Sony Music Africa’s deal a few years ago deserves all the rewards, accolades coming his way because he’s earned every bit of it and then some.

Last year Rajville apparently recorded all of his songs in his upcoming EP dubbed ‘Orkoiyot’ in one day! The EP that was released in October 2020, has 6 tracks on it and Rajville recorded all of them in a single day except for one track alone.

The track in question that was recorded with the other ones is ‘SupaLoaf’ record that features Kristoff. Apart from ‘SupaLoaf’, other tracks were recorded on the same day.

He tweeted; “I Recorded ALL ORKOIYOT songs on the same day,” Rajville said, going on ahead to add; “Except of course SUPALOAF whose audio is on YouTube and listed as a bonus track because it's obviously a paid-for the record”