rihanna's butt-revealing leggings are causing a stir on social media

Rihanna's  crotchless tights [photo courtesy]>

Rihanna's crotchless tights [photo courtesy]

by Beatrice Ambasa June 16, 2021

Rihanna's cheeky crotchless tights are her wildest design yet.

Meet the Soft Mesh Open-Back Crotchless Legging ($49.95) from Savage X Fenty, the pop superstar's lingerie and loungewear line. 

From the front, the style looks more or less like any other pair of semi-sheer, high-waisted leggings on the market.

But in addition to the titular crotch cutout, the tights have a plunging back that exposes most of the wearer's derrière, with strappy lace trim criss-crossing over the butt crack for a "playful surprise," per the product description.

Last week, TikTok user @fathermarge understandably questioned the peekaboo pants' wearability, jokingly referencing Kate Hudson's activewear brand and asking, "Can someone at Fabletics tell me what this is?"

Her perplexed reaction swiftly went viral on the platform, with one commenter calling the leggings "definitely not squat-proof" and another wondering, "How did that get approved?"

"Every day we get further and further from the Lord," a third quipped.

But not everyone took issue with the head-scratching style. "It's a vent. It's called fashion sweeties. Look it up," one person wrote.

"Can we normalize butt cleavage?" another fellow TikTok user wondered, adding, "Butt cleav is sexy, butt cleav is amazing. Let's normalize that."

And while obviously not intended for public workouts, the Savage X Fenty leggings have racked up plenty of positive reviews on the brand's website.