reverend lucy natasha dismisses claims that she is involved in a cult

Rev Lucy Natasha [photo courtesy]>

Rev Lucy Natasha [photo courtesy]

by Beatrice Ambasa July 1, 2021

City preacher Rev Lucy Natasha has issued a statement refuting claims that she is involved in a cult.

The claims surfaced on social media after a woman reported to be a friend of Reverend Natasha claimed that she was involved in other spiritual activities that have helped her grow her church.

Mwihaki had alleged that she found cult paraphernalia in the reverend's grand office at the church.

She added that she witnessed Natasha vanish into thin air and the mysterious appearance of her mother in the office.

She added that the reverend had tried to hook her up with a Nigerian pastor who wanted sexual favors.

"Rev was then back and we were now the three of us, myself Lucy and her mother. There were only two seats, so Rev was on her feet with an IPad," Mwihaki claimed.

A statement shared on her social media platforms said that the allegations made by one Martha Mwihaki Hinga were false.

"As a ministry that is very active in preaching through various social media platforms, we seek to unequivocally dissociate ourselves with a malicious story tarnishing the reputation of our leader Rev Natasha and the ministry we are doing," the statement read.

The reverend added that the Facebook account which has been sharing the allegations is pseudo.

"We wish to categorically state that we are a ministry committed to maintaining Biblical standards both in Theology and Practice. We are above board and deal with all attendees, members, and the public with utmost respect and integrity," Natasha added.