rapper wiz khalifa tests positive for covid-19

Wiz Khalifa [photo courtesy]>

Wiz Khalifa [photo courtesy]

by Beatrice Ambasa July 16, 2021

Award winning American rapper Wiz Khalifa has confirmed that he has contracted COVID-19.

The rapper, 33, tweeted about his diagnosis on Wednesday, but added that he's still feeling healthy.

"Okay loved ones....sooo.....Ya boy got covid," he wrote. "No symptoms. Just stay away from me for a lil while."

Khalifa added that, while he's quarantining, he'll be focusing his energy on creativity.

"While im in the house I'll be givin y'all new content, planning raves, and readying this new project," he tweeted.

Khalifa's diagnosis announcement comes a year after the rapper received backlash for a tweet reading "Y’all can have them masks fam", implying that he would not be wearing a mask during the pandemic.

The artist's COVID-19 reveal dropped just before comedian Gabriel Iglesias opened up about his battle with the virus, which has prompted him to cancel tour dates.

It's not clear if Khalifa has been vaccinated against COVID-19.