politician and musician bobi wine's home heavily guarded ahead of museveni's swearing-in.

Bobi Wine>

Bobi Wine

by Helvine Achieng May 12, 2021

Hours to the swearing-in of the Uganda president, dozens of troops were deployed around Ugandan opposition leader Bobi Wine's home. The Ugandan musician turned politician tweeted that the situation around his home is still intense and heavily guarded by soldiers.

"The situation around my home is still tense. Dozens of soldiers are surrounding my home, checking every vehicle that comes in or goes out. All this to suppress the citizens" voices as the emperor crowns himself for a 6th term! In this I am confident- WE SHALL OVERCOME" Bobi wrote.

Bobi firmly stated, they shall overcome, asking Ugandans to hang in there.

" The military and police have yet again surrounded my residence, as Gen. Museveni prepares to illegally swear himself in this Wednesday! The coward is fully aware that he is illegitimate, andthat'ss whyhe'ss very scared of the people. Hang in there comrades. We shall overcome" the tweet read.

The politician further shared photos of police outside his home.