piers morgan brands prince harry a 'whiny little brat' for mental health' preaching.'

Piers Morgan and Prince Harry>

Piers Morgan and Prince Harry

by Helvine Achieng May 19, 2021

Former Good Morning Britain host Piers Morgan has recently branded the Duke of Sussex a 'whiny little brat' as he blasted his 'preaching' amid 'publicly trashing his family'.The journalist has brutally lashed out at Prince Harry yet again - this time over his new mental health documentary with Oprah Winfrey.

Piers' move comes after a trailer was released from Apple TV, exploring the current state of the world's mental health and emotional wellbeing. Among the stars opening up about their experiences are Lady Gaga and Prince Harry, who opened up in emotional scenes on The Me You Can't See.

Retweeting the trailer, Piers furiously tweeted:

 "because the one thing the world REALLY needs in the middle of a pandemic is yet more preaching lectures on compassion, mental health & emotional wellbeing from a whiny little brat who spends his entire time publicly trashing his family."

Piers reflected on the interview in his latest column for the MailOnline in which he penned that Prince Harry has "gone from being a courageous war hero to a spineless whiny cry baby who blames his family for all his supposed woes."

 "Harry has lost his country, his dignity and now seems to be losing his mind too as he condemns everything from his grieving grandmother to free speech.

"It's time His Royal Hypocrite stopped abusing his family, stopped moaning about everything all the bloody time, stopped exploiting his royal titles for huge financial gain, stopped trashing America's constitution - and grew a pair."