pick your fights carefully willy paul tells ringtone

Willy Paul>

Willy Paul

by Muthoni Kimani April 24, 2020

Kenyan musicians Willy Paul and Ringtone on Friday the 17th April 2020 had an on;line war following the release of the release of willy paul and Nadia New song ‘Nikune’ Ringtone on his Instagram page went ahead and said the song is and I quote “Stupid,evil and devilish”

We went ahead and said the Gospel Industry has been angered by his music,he didn’t spare Nadia mukami as well saying she has disappointed .

Saying and I quote “ Leo nataka niseme im very disappointed .Nimekasirika sana na Kijana mmoja ambaye alilikuwa anajifanya ni kijana wa yesu ambaye anaitwa Willy Paul .Willy Paul mnaimba na Nadia Mukami kitu gani hiyo?WP kukunwa unamanisha nini?kwa sababu ulikuwa unawekelea watu mkono,na sai unaingisha wasichana mikono.it’s a shame.”He didnt stop there “Nadia Mukami,we are very disappointed.NM wewe pia unataka kukunwa?NM unataka WP akukune jamani?WP na NM na hiyo wimbo yenu...naomba tu mungu wawasamehe...tumekasirika” END of Quote. As if that was not enough Ringtone further called on Kenya Film Classification Board (KFCB) Moral Police Ezekiel Mutua to ban the song saying it’s bad content.

I quote”Ezekiel Mutua,I just want to tell you,people may not like you but your doing a good job.please do us a favour,you need to ban all songs that have bad content...kama hii song ya Willy Paul na Nadia Mukami,naomba uiban,” he added “Kwa sababu WP alikuwa anaimba nyombo za ki kristo,sai wana twerk kwa video...please have a look at it.Help us bring sanity.WP is a bad seed in this industry.END of quote.

Willy Paul,decided enough is enough and urged Ringtone to leave him alone and concentrate on his own music as “Nikune” was trending at number two inthe country at the time of the heated conflict.WP wet ahead and told off Ringtone saying he wasn't mentally stable and he needs God's forgiveness.

He added and I quote “Where is ringtone? Where is that woman?? Look at my YouTube channel, look at the song #nikune look at the trend!! N***** pick your fights carefully. Kuna watu hapa bado hauezani nao.. I’ve decided to give you the fame you’ve always wanted so bad..” He didn't stop there, he added

“Ringtone please leave me alone.. why are you against kila kitu nafanya? Before Ezekiel mutua ban me, he should ban ur mouth and dirty heart!! you need to see a doctor.. sio kawaida mtu kuwa hivi” End of quote.