producer and reporter makena njeri quits working with b.b.c.



by Helvine Achieng March 12, 2021

Producer and reporter Makena Njeri has resigned from her job at BBC. It's been three years since she began her job. On her quitting, Makena took her social media a goodbye message and learned the lessons at the BBC.

"Every beautiful story has a beginning and a powerful ending. This has been my journey working at the Beeb for the last three years! I have been built as a journalist in a way I never imagined. Challenged to think different and talk to a global audience in every story I reported on. This beautiful journey made me achieve great excellence doing stories that constantly hit the millions when it came to audience engagement on different platforms."

The young lad added that the show she worked on went as far as getting an Emmy nomination.

"I worked on a program BBC 'Whats New' that inspires the youth in Africa to reach for the stars and everything is possible through the stories we told. We got nominated for the Emmys in 2019 such a great milestone for me as a journalist on the team. I leave with so many beautiful life changing lessons as a journalist and as an individual and I will forever be grateful to the great @bbcafrica @bbc for the opportunity of a lifetime. The next stage is set for my life and I am ready to take up the new challenge 😊. We stay winning and elevating always!"