pinky ghelani talks on her motherhood journey after miscarraging thrice.



by Helvine Achieng March 10, 2021

Media personality Pinky Ghelani has recently spoken about her challenging journey to motherhood, which involved a total of three miscarriages before last childbirth. In a recent interview, Ghelani revealed that she lost two pregnancies before welcoming her firstborn child.

"I was on holiday in India, and I am like, could I be having food poisoning? My husband was like, you are pregnant, but I refused. I later realised that the feeling was an indication of what was coming."

She said she was always sick during the holiday and had to cut short their trip and come back to Kenya.

"My husband bought a pregnancy test at the airport, and it came out positive. We went to the hospital, but the doctors said they could not feel any heartbeat," she narrated.

"I did not understand what was happening, but my gynaecologist told me to go home and come back after two weeks. Just before the day, I was going back to see my gynaecologist; I had a dream that my baby was with Jesus."

Ghelani did the scans, which showed there was nothing. She had lost the pregnancy at ten weeks. A year later, Pinky stated that she got pregnant again.

"At six weeks, the doctors said there was a pregnancy, but there was no foetus."

Pinky got pregnant for the third time. "After a few weeks, she went for a check-up with her husband.

"We cried when we got pregnant for the third time, and the doctors confirmed that there was a heartbeat." Adding, "My daughter came two days early. I did a Caesarian-section only because I was afraid of the pain and afraid of the complications."

Like many mothers who battle child loss, Pinky said she blamed herself when she lost her first pregnancy. "Some people said I do too much yoga, and that is why I was losing pregnancies." "To me, motherhood has brought a sense of humility, and to know that you are nurturing someone in the society, just humbles me."

Ghelanis' message to women who are struggling to get children is, "There is nothing wrong with them, and there is nothing wrong with wanting to be a mother. There are so many ways to be a mother. Give your love and don't deny it to other persons and things."