Otile Brown-Meddy collabo 'Dusuma' breaks YouTube Records.

'Dusuma' Breaks YouTube Records.

by Muthoni Kimani December 9, 2020

Kenya's number one RnB singer Otile Brown, paired up with Rwanda's Meddy in June 2020 and released the hit 'Dusuma' which is now the top most-watched video in Kenya on YouTube this year.

The song gained momentum after a social media challenge grew around it, leading it to surpass 10 million views in three months. When he released the song, there was an online craze about it, it lyrical chorus "when you move to the left, move to the right…" created an online challenge that helped propel its popularity.

Aside from the catchy lyrics, and beautiful melodies it's TikTok challenge went viral making for the perfect formula for success. The mellow voices by Otile and Meddy also gave the song a lot of mileage, and as they say, a good song will always walk miles when you least expect it. Otile featured the track in his album 'Just In Love'.

Meddy recently shared the news that Dusuma was Africa's most viewed song in the last five months;

"Dusuma has been in top of the most watched music video in Africa for the last five months only,"

Otile Brown has had a number of songs burst through the 20M mark on YouTube. His 2018 collaboration with Sanaipei Tande 'Chaguo la Moyo' has garnered 23M views.

Congratulations Otile, keep winning!

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