octopizzo snaps at itumbi after referring to kibra youths as goons

Octopizzo Snaps At Itumbi After Referring To Kibra Youths As Goons>

Octopizzo Snaps At Itumbi After Referring To Kibra Youths As Goons

by Muthoni Kimani February 1, 2021

Rapper Octopizzo has told off politicians and other leaders to refrain from using Kibra Youths for their selfish interests and political gains.

Octo’s statement came hours after Dennis Itumbi alleged that goons were being ferried from Kibra to burn wheelbarrows and mkokoteni in Githurai, during Raila Odinga’s visit to the area.

“GOONS being reportedly ferried from Kibra to go burn wheelbarrows and mkokoteni in Githurai - instructions are that they should chant the Youth do not want Wheelbarrows. They want BBI. Too obvious a script good people... theatrix and crude poetry is Lying to yourself” tweeted Dennis Itumbi.”

In a quick retort, Octopizzo cautioned Itumbi to refrain for peddling lies, while branding Kibra youths as goons. “Sonko said these were all your tactics and then later put it on opposition... @OleItumbi acha ujinga.

“Kindly enlighten us who the deep state is? coz this country is governed by a president & Vice President who formed a government together which we call the state; you represent one of them. So tuchanue mtuangu @OleItumbi” responded Octopizzo.

The number Nane Finest further stated that politicians should refrain from branding and using Kibra youths as goons as the act continues to spoil their reputation.

“Kibra youths get blamed, used & branded as goons all the time during political issues, this has made it hard for those non goons to even get jobs around the country Coz of the stereotypical myths from politicians & society.

This shit needs to STOP!! We actually graduates & smarter than some of these niggaz; We can’t be mere consumers of “good” governance, we must be participants; we must be co-creators. Public servants should be focused on serving the public not any special interest group” said Octopizzo.