octopizzo calls cops on fellow rapper breeder!

Breeder LW and Octopizzo>

Breeder LW and Octopizzo

by Muthoni Kimani August 26, 2020

All is not well in the Rap Industry here in Kenya; this is after Octopizzo called three armed officers on fellow gengetone rapper Breeder Lw, for slandering Octopizzo's late grandfather's name 'Ohanga' who was a very respected man and police officer back in the day.

This comes after Breeder released a hilarious short clip of himself holding a parrot that he named Ohanga, a name that Octopizzo often associates himself with in many of his songs;

This didn't settle well with Octopizzo as the two rappers have been throwing shade at each other over the past week. Seeing the video, that's when Octopizzo arrived at Breeder's house accompanied by the armed police officers, they took him into a certain car and drove him all over town he went ahead and said;

"Mi nataka udelete hiyo stuff, hiyo ujinga staki. Ohanga ni guka yangu bana. Ni msee narespect sana na alikua karao. Najua umeshtuka nimejua keja yako aje, mi nlijua hadi vile ulikua unaishi huko down. Mi hukua na 100 n** in the street, na si story."

As they drove around Nairobi town, they made sure Breeder deleted all his previous posts, which dissed Octopizzo. He even went ahead and posted a fake apology post on Breeder's Instagram account.

That said, 'The Bazenga Daddii' hitmaker went ahead to inform his fans that he had safely returned home, he added that he fears for his life as he is not sure what might happen to him next.