nigerian rapper kida kudz drops his first solo, 'animalistic.'

Kida Kudz>

Kida Kudz

by Helvine Achieng April 15, 2021

Nigerian rapper Kida Kudz has recently dropped his first solo, 'Animalistic'. The young lad sharing about the release said writing the song was a spiritual process for him.

"I woke up early one morning, grabbed my pen and paper and started jotting down to the instrumental and tapped into the forces I needed; the lyrics just flowed from me," he said.


"I was painting a perfect picture of an African boy speaking to his people, trying to preach to them in a kind of way."

The hit Animalistic explores the topic of incarceration and the discomfort and cultural issues around it. The lad also further stated that he wrote the song on the day he lost a family member.

"You can vibe to the song, but at the same time, it is sending a message across to young people to stay up and stay woke."