neno evangelism pastor nganga opposes the government move on the closure of churches and bars.

Pastor Ng'ang'a>

Pastor Ng'ang'a

by Helvine Achieng April 3, 2021

Neno evangelism Pastor Ng'ang'a has recently opposed the government's move to again target churches in its fight against Covid-19.

Last week on Friday, President Uhuru Kenyatta suspended gatherings at places of worship in five counties to limit the virus's spread. The Neno Evangelism ministry leader said the government needs to consider that God is still the first option people should take whenever there is a pandemic.

"In 2007, people ran to church to seek for comfort. But right now, naona wameanza kushikanisha bar na kanisa. Kanisa sio walevi wako huko. They are people who can control themselves."

"My message is that people should not forget God. Empty you came and empty you will go. No matter how rich you are."

Nganga has been camping in Kajiado ever since the Covid-19 pandemic began, and he is building a huge city-like place for himself and his worshipers.

"I have started building another church in Kajiado, which will look like Jerusalem city," he said. "The pandemic has not affected me as I am still serving God and building God's house, not a kiosk. It is the house of the Lord, and it is built by the few appointed."