nasty c bashed following online comments that he is better than eminem.

Nasty C and  Eminem>

Nasty C and Eminem

by Helvine Achieng April 6, 2021

Popular South African rapper Nsikayesizwe David Junior Ngcobo, popularly known as Nasty C, has found himself on a fix with his fans after he was bashed online following a comment he made regarding American rapper Eminem.

The 24-year-old claimed that he could rap better than the American superstar. It all started when Nasty C went live on Instagram to engage with his followers. While answering a string of questions from fans, the rapper explained why he felt he could outshine Eminem.

On the social media platform, Nasty C claimed that Eminem is "not relatable" anymore. The rapper further insinuated that Eminem had lost relevance.

"I tell you what; I could actually spank Eminen. The reason why I say this is because recently Eminem is not really relatable, he is dope, his bars are out of this world, but he is not relatable," he said.

Nasty C further took a swipe at the 48-year-old American rapper, saying that one has to struggle to listen to his songs.

"If you are a rapper you go crazy ov; ift, if you are a normal person you get to the end of the verse and ask 'what did he just say," added Nasty C.

While a section of hip-pop lovers appreciated his boldness and confidence, another group told him that he could not compare himself to Eminem, leave alone outshine him.

"Nasty & Eminem is not a bad match, both are good in their own way of rap, but come to think of it, Eminem wasn't as dope as Nasty at his younger age & Nasty can't last in the game as Eminem, being relevant for yrs ain't s**t bro, but nasty still has something to prove," a twitter user, @iam_tenboyz, said.

The backlash forced Nasty C to retract his sentiments and write directly to Eminem, begging him to ignore the video should he come across it.

"Dear Eminem. I love you. If you see the video going around, don't pay no mind to it. Just laugh about it and move on. Ngyak'saba," he wrote in an Insta Story.