ntv’s lofty matambo highly embarrassed by embarambamba.



by Helvine Achieng May 26, 2021

Media personality and NTV Swahili News Anchor Lofty Matambo has joined the list of those condemning Embarambamba’s  moves following the raunchy video that has made rounds online. 

Taking to social media In a tweet, Lofty stated that he is disappointed in Embarambamba’s act, as one of those who offered him support by Interviewing him on a national platform.

“I am highly embarrassed by @embarambamba as one of those who offered him Support including interviewing him on a decent National platform. The video going round is dirty , not anywhere close to what he purports to be :- A gospel Artist” said Lofty.


Aspiring politician Alinur Mohamed said that he will not castigate the musician but instead offered to help him.

“Unlike most people I am not going to take a back seat and just condemn Embarambamba without offering him any help. It's evident he has a problem. Now his career is half dead. He urgently needs help or we'll lose this rare talent. I am going to find him and help him immediately” reads Alinur’s tweet.

David Osiany also joined the conversation stating that Embarambamba listened to cheering voices deceit and ended up messing.

“Embarambamba this is GROSSLY INCORRECT. You listened to cheering voices of deceit and ran yourself into destruction. What you have done today is INEXCUSABLE” said CAS David Osinay.