never take sides in a conflict you know nothing about - terence creatives

Terence Creative [photo courtesy]>

Terence Creative [photo courtesy]

by Beatrice Ambasa May 26, 2021

Comedian and content creator Terence Creative has confirmed that a bigger portion of online users are still holding a garage against him and the cheating scandal will forever linger behind his closet.

The past weekend, during a Q and A, he made it known that his ex wife, Eunice was denying him access to his two daughters; something we already knew months ago after the lady exposed him for being an abusive husband – leave alone a dad.

He added that his ex moved out from her old place; and transferred the girls from the schools he knew they were attending.

After all the revelation, one would think that online users would now feel sorry for the father of three but on the contrary, the unexpected happened.

With both their stories out – it appears that fans support the comedian’s ex wife for choosing peace over drama. Most applauded her for being a strong single mum who has been raising her kids alone for the past 7 years.

However in a post, Terence has warned fans against taking sides; as they know nothing about his relationship with the ex. He wrote;

‘Never take sides in a conflict you know nothing’