mr nice speaks to maina kageni about his downfall !

Mr Nice and Maina Kageni>

Mr Nice and Maina Kageni

by Muthoni Kimani July 21, 2020

Tanzanian singer Lucas Bukeda, known to many as Mr. Nice, has finally spoken about various misapprehensions.

This happened after Classic 105 breakfast radio host Maina Kageni said he believes Mr. Nice is not done. Speaking on his morning show, Maina announced;

“I am looking for Mr Nice. I’ll pay for his studio fees and ensure he works with top producers such as Ayo Lizer and Magix Enga.”

That said the Kidalipo hitmaker explained to Maina Kageni on his breakfast show today morning why all the top bigwigs from the 90s are no longer recording any music or being heard;

“Back then we respected each other and there was no kiki (publicity stunts) someone like Das Munda and Feroze the guys who sang Kwaherini. They sang songs that even I as a fellow artist listened to and I was a fan of.”

“Then there was TMK and Juma Nature and there are those who were lucky to be helped by the president the likes of Ray C. But where is she? She was helped and helped up to 5 or 6 times and she still failed. she got everything that we wish we got the chance to get.”

Mr. Nice went ahead and said;

“Lady Jay Dee silent, but I tell you Maina, they are not silent for now reason, there is something happening behind the scenes, I’m telling you, you will find someone has blocked them somehow. You will find people saying ‘Why should they be ahead of the person we are promoting?”

“There are many ways of finishing you and you will find you don’t have backup. That way you end up vanishing into the background, but still, their talent is there.”

Mr. Nice concluded by explaining how the Internet has changed things;

“Back then you would sit down and write a song till your fans and audience understand you. We did not have the luxury of Whatsapp or social media that you will help me share and explain what you meant in the song. You do everything manually till people get the song and understand you. No one has ever written a song for me, I wrote all my songs. That is a talent I thank God for because you will get many stars have songwriters but I write all my songs and I also play instruments.”