millard ayo becomes the second tanzanian to hit over 1 billion views after diamond!

Millard Ayo  Hits Over 1B Views>

Millard Ayo Hits Over 1B Views

by Muthoni Kimani February 24, 2021

Media Personality Millard Ayo is the second person in Sub-Saharan Africa to accumulate over 1 Billion views on his YouTube channel, months after Diamond Platnumz achieved a similar milestone.

The Clouds FM presenter is also ranked at number 2 for people with the most YouTube subscribers in Sub-Saharan Africa. On September 23, 2012, he joined the streaming platform and currently has over 1,146,195,984 views and 3.31M subscribers. The Award-winning TV and Radio Personality is the founder and CEO of Ayo TV, a digital media house in Tanzania.

Ayo shared photos of the plaque he received from YouTube Management, recognizing his recent accomplishment on the streaming platform.

This talented presenter might not be a famous name in Kenya but is a hot commodity in Tanzania. He is one of the biggest and most sought-after Radio and TV personalities who earns a lot of money for being an influencer and media personality.

With over 8.9 Million followers on Instagram, hundreds of thousands of followers on Twitter, and close to 2.6 Million likes on Facebook, Millard Ayo has secured his place at the top of the social media game.

In 2015, Millard disclosed that he earned over Sh1 million shillings a month via his YouTube Channel.

In October last year, Diamond, also known to many as Simba, became the first artiste in Sub-Saharan Africa to garner over 1 Billion views on his YouTube. Currently, he stands at 4.88M subscribers and 1,316,395,795 views and counting.