Mercy Masika Calls Out Fake Gospel Artistes

Mercy Masika Blasts Fake Gospel Artistes

by Muthoni Kimani September 17, 2020

Award-winning gospel artist Mercy Masika Muguro is one of the most talented artists we have. She has inspired many through her music.

The gospel industry is full of controversial artists after money and thriving on scandals, but Mercy Masika stands out. She is respectable and truthful to the word of God.

With all the drama surrounding the Gospel Industry, The 'Mwema' hit singer has opened up about the current gospel industry, revealing that many have turned it into business;

"The reason much of today's music lacks inspiration and memorability is that people have blurred the lines and turned music into too much of a business."

Mercy added;

"It takes moral courage to remain true to inspire, impact and be true to who you are called to be.And even though remaining true may sometimes take time to pay...it pays very well. There's a confidence that comes from being true."

Many commented, among them Joyce Omondi, Rev Kathy Kiuna among others;

joyceomondi Truth right there! 💯

revkathykiuna Preach today. Nothing but the truth

emmanuelestory Ministers we need to back to our source (God's standard) #3 sylvia_ndumi_mwenda Woooow the best thing I have read today. Behind you wamwaitu

diegolugash Very very true servant of God, barikiwa prov_podcast 🔥🔥🔥🔥 please full volume. Nowadays it's all about the business and staying relevant. Yet if you ask me, staying relevant has nothing to do with people talking about you but with one abiding by the Holy Spirit. One will have to choose between listening and obeying the Holy Spirit or making more money and being" relevant"…

simonmwania And that's the reason why their music is fading so quickly that it can't last or go for a year.

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