makeup isn't supposed to change your entire look- states kenyan socialite huddah monroe.

Huddah Monroe>

Huddah Monroe

by Helvine Achieng April 6, 2021

Socialite Huddah Monroe has recently advised young women who look up to her makeup tips. In a series of social media posts, the socialite turned entrepreneur said makeup should not entirely change one's looks.

In her post, Huddah disclosed that she does not wear too much makeup, and the reason behind that is that she does not want to transform her look entirely. Adding that she prefers a simple look that does not go all out.

"Why do you sell makeup, yet you ain't so good at it? Lol! Even a Barber doesn't shave himself! I'm not a Makeup artist & I've kinda refused to learn coz how I like mine is SIMPLE girl next door look and NEVER perfect! If I want perfection, I know the artists! I like to give Caesar what belongs to Caesar," she wrote.


"Never greedy ???? Also, makeup isn't supposed to change your entire look; it's supposed to enhance your natural features. And of course, I'll blend that shadow & clean that eyeliner, brows, please ????... just @ me ????." She added.

Huddah, who also doubles up as Huddah Cosmetics CEO, was recently in the spotlight after revealing that she made approximately Ksh5.6 million from social media streaming platform.

"I withdrew over $45, 000 off my OnlyFans! Still got my balance @$7, 000 LOL! I thought people left! Swipe up! Let's go back in!" she wrote.

Huddah also added that people should not be ashamed of their jobs.

"Don't be embarrassed by your hustle! When you are broke, very few people will come to rescue you!" she added.