mr seed exposed for cheating on wife nimo gachuiri, gets lover pregnant

Mr Seed and wife Nimo Gachuiri>

Mr Seed and wife Nimo Gachuiri

by Beatrice Ambasa May 4, 2021

Gospel singer Mr Seed is currently doing the walk of shame with nowhere to hide his face after yet another scandal befalls him.

The Piganiange hitmaker has been exposed for the third time, allegedly cheating on his wife Nimo Gachuiri, sleeping with another lady, and getting her pregnant.

Popular blogger Edgar Obare also known as Tea master, has taken to Instagram to expose Seed backing his claims with receipts that put Seed on the hot seat.

A lady named Sabrinaqueen approached the blogger on Instagram asking for help because she had an affair with Mr. Seed which led to her being pregnant and now claims that Mr. Seed won't support her unborn child.

 She also has claimed that Mr. Seed wanted her to get rid of the baby, even sending her money for the abortion procedure, which was not successful.

Sabrina sent multiple screenshots of her conversation with the gospel artist where they talked about the pregnancy and the failed abortion.

 She also sent screenshots of her conversation with Mr. Seed's wife, Nimo, where she told her of the affair and the pregnancy, a conversation that did not bear fruits as she ended up blocked.

The lady in question also sent a snippet video proving that she met Seeds' wife, who knows her situation and about her relationship.