michelle ntalami celebrates mother with a sweet message as she turns a year older.

Michelle Ntalami and her Mother [photo courtesy]>

Michelle Ntalami and her Mother [photo courtesy]

by Beatrice Ambasa July 9, 2021

Social media influencer and businesswoman Michelle Ntalami has taken to her social media accounts to celebrate her mother as she turns a year older.

In a long post, the founder and owner of Marini Naturals referred to her mom as her world, queen, and heart.

She described her mother as a strong woman who doesn't let anything knock her down.

Her post read;


She's my world. She's my Queen. She's my heart. She's got a heart of gold, laughter that lights up any room and kindness beyond measure.

She may not always be right, but she always speaks from her heart which is real and true. Her advice and words of wisdom are so powerful and almost always come to be. Her determination and resilience to life's challenges amazes me till today. Nothing knocks her down!

She taught me never to allow self-pity in my life; to cancel all pity-parties and replace them with punches and payback.👊🏾 A gem of a lesson that has helped me sail through life till today. And if you're ever wondering if there's a soul on this earth with the purest intentions, it is her. Damn.. I really did hit the Mother Jackpot!

Happy Birthday to the most beautiful person I've ever known, and the important person in my life, my Mom! 🎂 Forever your little girl! 👧🏽♥️"