meja speaks after upcoming artist accused him of stealing his song 'tabia za wakenya'

Mejja [photo courtesy]>

Mejja [photo courtesy]

by Beatrice Ambasa June 3, 2021

Genge artist Mejja has refuted claims that he stole #Tabia za Wakenya from an upcoming artist.

The artist, Kevin Ochieng, seeked blogger Robert Alai’s help to bring to light the fact that Mejja and his producer, Vicky Pondis allegedly stole his song #Tabia za Wakenya from him and refused to credit him.

stole his song.

Ochieng, who says his stage name is Revina, said he recorded the song before Mejja put it up on his YouTube channel.

In his response, which he posted on his Instagram account, he said;

“NiLiKuwa Mimea Zangu NaKuTaNa Na Hii UFala, YaaNi Hate on Another Level, I Am The Same Person Helping New Artist Sasa Leo NiMeKuwa NaChuKuwa Doba Inaitwa DuNia, If Hii Ni Design Yaku Ni Slow Down Siwachi KUTOA NGOMA BELIEVE THAT HADI NIFE GOD ABOVE EVERYTHING,” wrote the Genge veteran.

This comes in the wake of another accusation made against him that ended up costing him his song #NaitwaMejja.

The song was pulled down from YouTube hours after it’s release.

The Siskii hitmaker confirmed the song was pulled down from YouTube because it was reported for sampling and the person who reported him refused to come to an understanding with him.