maureen waititu dating again - goes for baecation in colombia

Maureen Waititu [photo courtesy]>

Maureen Waititu [photo courtesy]

by Beatrice Ambasa July 5, 2021

Kenyan YouTuber and social media Influencer Maureen Waitittu is back in the dating scenes and this time, with an upgrade of his baby daddy Frankie Just Gym It.

Through an Instagram post, the mother of two revealed that she has found love yet again, after posting photos during a bae cation in Colombia with her new man.

 In the photos, Maureen could be seen holding hands with her new man, alerting her Instagram in-laws that she is living her best life in Bogotá, Colombia.

“The King’s view = Glowing Queen 🥰🌷🍀🐆❤️…Loving this chapter of my life 🤗

💛” wrote Maureen Waititu.

Waititu went public with her new Man on February 14, at a time she was being treated to a Valentine’s Day surprise.

At that particular time, Ms Waititu opted to show off her Valentine’s Day goodies, showering her new man with praises for stepping up his game.

That was the first time the mother of two was linking herself with another man, after a bitter breakup with her baby daddy Frankie Just GymIt.

Ms Waititu’s post excited a good number of fans and followers and many could not help it but gush over the YouTuber with lovely comments. However, despite the YouTuber revealing that she is love, the face of her man remains hidden for now.

Some of the comments included;


You deserve queen 😍


Enjoy it mama enjoy.... Happiness is beautiful


I love this for you babe. You deserve total happiness and nothing less. ❤️❤️


You endured the pain and only you know exactly what you felt!!. Get all the happiness you can!!! Get all the peace and tranquillity the other side of life has to offer!!