maryanne musangi, chris kirubi's daughter to take over 40 billion estate left behind

Maryanne Musangi [Photo courtesy]>

Maryanne Musangi [Photo courtesy]

by Beatrice Ambasa June 23, 2021

Maryanne Musangi, daughter of the late Chris Kirubi, is set to inherit the Sh40 billion estate left by the departed businessman.

 According to Nation, Musangi, the Managing Director of Haco Industries, will now be expected to tend to his interests in media, technology, advertising, stocks, and agriculture.

Maryanne operated two private businesses; a restaurant called Secret Garden on Riverside Drive in Nairobi and another at Two Rivers called Olpul.

Eyes are also on her brother Robert Kirubi, whom Chris said was not interested in running the family business.

However, Ms Musangi shared during her father's burial last week that the family would establish a foundation in honour of the departed businessman to focus on education, innovation and technology, health (specializing in diabetes and cancer) and agriculture.

"I promise to do my best and when I'm stuck, I will seek those in this gathering — who include representatives of the Kenyatta family, business magnates from the world and government representatives — to hold my hand," she said in her parting shot.