lynda nyangweso speaks on how comedianjalang'o encouraged her when she started her radio job.

Lynda Nyangweso and Jalango>

Lynda Nyangweso and Jalango

by Helvine Achieng May 12, 2021

Lynda Nyangweso has recently opened up on her beginnings in radio. Nyangweso, who recently left Kiss 100, is one of radio's most recognized icons for her bubbly and joyous voice. Nyangweso took her fans down memory lane as she recounted how she started out and hosted various shows in the station, sharing her journey from when she joined Kiss to date.

"11 years ago, I started out on @kiss100kenya on the graveyard shift where I had room to mess up, try again, rinse then repeat. then I moved to midmorning and I was so proud of the work I did. from there I moved onto the breakfast show which was an amazing learning curve. then I started drive which became where I was most confident probably because I got the most sleep lol. throughout out this journey I have met some incredibly talented people both behind the mic and behind the scenes. I have worked with or around people I am forever in awe of. There have been some super high highs and some down on the dumps lows. However, I have loved the job. This chapter in my life has brought people in my life that have become like a second family. however, this week will be the last one I get to laugh and get weird with you on kiss fm and I am excited. Can't wait to see you on the other side. thank you for the opportunity to entertain you" wrote Lynda.

Lynda's 11 years journey on Kiss FM has been successful. She has been able to thank her massive audience for the radio station. Nyangweso started at Kiss FM when she was only 21 years old. Being young in such a huge industry was something she was shy about, but comedian Jalang'o was there to help her out.

 Nyangweso claims Jalas encouraged her and held her hand until she became confident. 

"Thank you so much for keeping me company for 11 years. I joined Kiss when I was 21 years old. I was on a reality T.V. show. And the reason why my handle is '‘thatchicklynda" is because people hated me on that show… That's how I met Jalang'o. Because he was actually leaving and so they put me on there. He was very kind to help me learn and how to work with Caroline. Jalang'o took my hand and was like, we can do this. So, I'm very grateful for that"